Hotfolder Plugin

Is in planing, but I think the number that can currently be configured useful is limited.

When you have only one folder withe the name scans you can enter at the moment scans. A correct subfolder selection is not implemented yet, but will follow.

@nchris Multiple Hotfolder configurations are now available.
@sttrebo Subnotebooks can be defined via Project\Scans

v0.3.0 (2021-01-29)

  • Add: Option for multiple Hotfolders
  • Optimize: Update settings on change without Joplin reload
  • Optimize: Define Subnotebooks

:exclamation: Requires at least Joplin v1.7.1 :exclamation:


Yep, using three hotfolders at the time now successfully! The upload is lightning fast. Will gradually upgrade to 5.

Thank you very mich.

The Hotfolder is phenomenal for screenshots...

Capture to an image file directly to the folder and it's automatically in Joplin...

Outstanding! :clap:


I am using Joplin and the Hiorfoder plugin on two different computers. Would it be possible to export the settings from one computer in order to transfer them to the other one?

Best Regards

Yes but this would have to implement each plugin currently for itself as a function :frowning:
But I have thought about this before, but maybe this should be implemented directly in Joplin.

Thanks for that great plugin. It's very useful for online research with screenshots. :+1:

I only have one problem. I made a screenshot of an entire webpage with 1915x10241 and 2.7 MB. The upload works perfect, but the picture is reduced to 356x1920 and 315 kB. Which means, it isn't readable. Is there a way to change that?

Hm that is intresting. Because there is no process to resize/reduce the picture, but I can reproduce this behavior.

I try to figer out whats going on ...

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If I drag the same file into an existing note a dialog pops up, which asks if I want to reduce the size of the picture. By choosing yes, I get the same effect as with the hotfolder import.

A fix would be implemented.

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Thank you very much!


this plugin deleted all my files in the hotfolder, the specified import ones, but also all other.!
What a mess !!



I don't know how you set this, but there is no option for it.
Every file except the ignored ones will be imported to Joplin and then deleted.

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Hi Jack,

thanks for ultrafast reply.

Fact is, there's no hint, that files will be deleted as all !
No warnings at all.

At least, if deletion is - for some reason - nessassary, You should put a hint or a message like
"Your really want..." before this horrible action takes place.

@kai452, the concept is that the hot-folder specified is used solely as a dropbox for Joplin. So when you drop your files there they will be picked up by Joplin. As soon as that's done the desired behaviour is that the files should be cleaned up.

Your files aren't lost; if you look in Joplin each one will have been attached to a note. You can open them there and save them to some place other than the hot-folder.

Or, if you prefer, you can specify a different hot-folder in the Plugin Settings for hot-folder and then save your files back to that original location to use your original folder as you did before.



And if the default behavior was different from this, the hot folder would quickly become a hot mess.

@johano, many thanks for Your explanations.
That view on the matter must have been clearly declared, otherwise how should one know, if not by fault ?
In my case, it saved the none txt, md, i.e. xhtml as link to that (afterwards deleted) file...

First I put in this -

.txt, .md, .*

but because I was in doubt, BEFORE clicking OK, I removed .


My guess: the variable had not been cleared by click on Cancel.
Again: There must be a certain warning before deletion, thats common behavior.

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@kai452, I see your point. Perhaps @JackGruber might consider adding to the Hotfolder Path setting, something like:

Hotfolder Path (files in here deleted after processing)

or some indication to that effect.

@johano, Perfect ! I like the way, You take care.
By the way, have You testet what value the vari returned after change - back - cancel ?

@FamRau in the Joplin Version 1.8.1 is the problem with the scaled images fixed.

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