Export notebooks + plugins + settings via CLI


is there a way to export notes + plugins + settings via CLI, so including:

  • .jex (all notebooks, notes, tags and resources)
  • settings.json, userchrome.css, userstyle.css, keymap-desktop.json
  • plugins

I'm using $JOPLIN_BIN --log-level debug export --format jex ATM, but it exports only the .jex file (and I don't think it includes all settings and plugins AFAIK)

I know about the "Simple Backup" plugins (which is great and I'm already using it), but I also need a CLI command to export all of that!


Maybe simply copying those files from Joplin profile folder would be easier?
cp ~/.config/joplin-desktop/settings.json and such

There's nothing to "export" really, the settings files are already in the folder at the correct location. Hence, if you copy the whole folder, you can import it later by simply pasting it there


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