Export from iOS

Somewhere along the line something went wrong and all my notes got wiped. My iPad has the only complete copies of my notes. Is there a way I can export the notes on my iPad and reimport them on my desktop and re-sync them everywhere?


Just thought I would bump this before I start cutting and pasting by hand, trying to get back all my notes.

I created a new folder on my Nextcloud server and tried to sync into that folder and it won’t let me. Still wants to wipe all my notes.

Ok, I fixed this and I thought I would share what I did. I was using Nextcloud for sync, and no matter what I set the Nextcloud folder to, it would always want to wipe all my notes.

So, I change the sync provider to Dropbox. And synced all my notes to Dropbox. Then I went around to all my computers, phones and tablets and changed their sync to use Dropbox. Once everything was synced and I had all my notes, I changed my Mac to a new directory on Nextcloud. And it synced all my notes to Nextcloud. I set my laptop, my iPad and my phone to all use the new Nextcloud location, and everythng synced. A few duplicates were created that I manually cleaned up, and now I’m good to go.

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