Export - Change Label

Very minor feature request, because I've accidentally done this a few times. :slight_smile: Maybe it will help someone else.

Current Flow

When intending to export a single note, I have (mistakenly) gone to the note list, clicked the note I wanted to export, and then gone to File > Export. This actually exports every note.

Possible Solution

I think this can be helped by changing the labels.

From Desktop Menu: File > Export All
From Right-click on a file Export note / Export to-do

Side Note: In researching what was happening, I finally noticed the "Note" menu. Seems like this could/should contain all the "right click" options for a note, including "Export Note"? It also has a feature called "Note Statistics" which is a cool feature, but I never noticed it before. Maybe that feature could be linked from the "i" menu or the right click.


Yes that’s a good point, I’ll change the menu item to Export All in the File menu. In the context menu, it can actually applies to one note or multiple notes, so I might leave it as just “Export”, and for this one I think users expect it to apply to the current selection anyway (as it does) so it’s less confusing.

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I literally use Joplin every day, but never noticed this. Darn. :smiley: (I think I saw 'word count added' once in a changelog, but haven't found it (and didn't try looking again. :smiley: )