Everything shows up as encrypted on Android despite decryption password entered

[mobile device]
Android Version 10
Joplin (for Android) v 2.7.2, DB version 41, FTS enabled = 1

[primary for data entry]
Windows 10
Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3, Profile Version: 41, Keychain Supported: Yes,
Revision: 8352e23

[sync platform]
NextCloud (self hosted virtual machine)

I use Joplin primarily on a Windows computer but I need to be able to access all my technical documents on Android, iOS (iPad), and Linux. When I try to access all the data from Android, everything is locked behind encryption. I did enter in the decryption password into Android.

You appear to gave created multiple keys. You need to use the same one for all devices.

Can I safely delete all keys without losing data? Is there a procedure?

It decrypted 9 items, so if you let it run is it not going to decrypt everything? If it doesn't please post any error from the log How to enable debugging | Joplin

I've let it run for days and nothing further decrypts on the Android client. Here are the log screenshots.

Also, the iOS client has the same problem. I initially entered the master decryption password but I keep getting a prompt to "set the decryption password". Notice there isn't a place to type it in again.

Hmm, sadly you have this "Row too big to fit into CursorWindow" error that I've tried many times to replicate but never managed to (and thus never managed to fix either).

So I'm not sure what to suggest especially if it happens on both iOS and Android. What you could try is find if you have any particularly large note, like multiple MBs, delete these and sync. Not sure if that would help but could be worth a try.

I probably do because I embed technical drawings quite often. I have several hundred. I hope this can be fixed. I left OneNote to get away from M$ but there are no other alternatives.

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