A puzzle on Joplin for Android

Among other devices and usecases, I have Joplin running on an Android device. All data have been created on that device, and encrypted some time in the past, and uploaded to a cloud server. No other devices have been synced. Here is what I don't understand ...
The config screen of Joplin shows the following text-boxes:
a) < press to set the decryption password > (in orange)
b) < status: encryption is disabled > (black on white) and
c) < the master password is not set or is invalid >

This alone doesn't mean there is a problem with Joplin, with the database or with the master pw. But it doesn't mean that the suggestion(s) to the user are consistent either ...

My questions:
what is the decryption password (see a above), the same as the master pw ?
since the database is not encrypted (see b above), why am I asked for a master pw to continue ?

After getting back online and trying to sync with the (same) sync target, I do again receive a warning and The sync target needs to be upgraded. Press this banner to proceed. This in turn generates an error which reads : invalid lock client type, and a long error code, impossible to reproduce.

I do now realize that these problems occured right after Joplin has been updated from v 1.7.5 to v 2.6.3. Since the Android version doesn't have a backup function, I suppose the data are lost. This is kind of unexpected as one would assume downwards compatibility.
But if anybody had a solution ... idea ... I would really appreciate.

Hello Ajay, I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles. I'm trying to piece together your message and just can't understand what was the initial problem and how it spiralled in the data loss.

I get that you updated the app and probably after that you received an error about the lock and server update. I'm fuzzy on how it relates to master password.
At this point, I still don't understand what is the initial problem. Did the master password prompted to update the app? Or you lost the ability to sync, you updated the app and it wiped out your data? Or is there something else I'm missing?

You might still have the data at the path posted here if you have root.

Even if you're certain that the data is unrecoverable, could you please describe step by step what led to it? At least we could learn from your hard earned experience and try to prevent it in the future


Im having the same problem as the original poster.

Just installed fresh Joplin app from play store, selected nextcloud as provider (test connection is OK) and tried an initial sync. I use all default settings otherwise. I also get back the error about the invalid lock type.

Nextcloud version is 21.0.4, Joplin 2.6.3.

Best regards,

I wish I knew the answer(s). It started out of the blue.
I am a long-term user of Joplin, and have sorted many problems - including EE2E - myself before. Today I went to the config screen, wanted to see sth, and then saw the messages I mentioned above. I don't know where to start. An "decryption" password is needed ? Never saw this before. And why is it needed if the database isn't encrypted ... totally bizarre. It's only a guess that this must have started a few days ago when I updated Joplin from the play store. And no, I do not have root access.
To me it seems like a mismatch betwen the new Jopin app and the "old" data on the server.

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