Android app won't decrypt

Version: 1.0.312 (Android)
OS: Android 9.0

I have encryption set up on my Joplin instance, and it works fine on my Windows desktop and Linux laptop. However, the Android app refuses to decrypt all my notes. It decrypts some, then stops. The orange ‘Press to set decryption password.’ bar persists on the top of the app, even after I’ve saved the decryption password.

This may be caused by a couple of other master keys I set up, as I was still trying to figure out how encryption worked with Joplin. However, both my other computers have no problem decrypting, so I’m thinking this may be a bug with the Android app.

The app gives me a missing masters key message on the decryption page, but even with multiple syncs, it never goes away, even when I remove the (unused) key on my Windows computer.

You need to go to the Encryption Config page and input the password for all the master keys

On that page, I’m only able to enter the password for the ‘main’ key, which everything has been encrypted with. That seems to check out, however pressing the ‘save’ button seems to have no effect. It gives a message for a missing key, however it’s been a few days and the app doesn’t seem to have downloaded it.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

This problem is now happening on a second Windows machine that I’ve installed Joplin onto. Despite the first dad23e being the one used to encrypt every note, the majority of my notes are still encrypted on this device, even as I input the correct password. Curiously, a second key is required for this machine, but not my Android device.

I’m going to disable encryption for now.