Joplin version 1.0.168

Here is the new release with new features, fixes and improvements:

New features

  • New: Import Evernote notes as HTML (#1887)
  • New: Added fail-safe to prevent data from being wiped out when the sync target is empty


  • Improved: Also allow importing TXT files with markdown
  • Improved: Cleaned up and improved config screen design, move all screens under same one, and added section buttons


  • Fixed: Fixed broken menu bar
  • Fixed: Fixed import of notes that contain links with hashes
  • Fixed: Support non-alphabetical characters in note link anchors (#1870)



Love the Web Clipper icon.

Great - the Evernote import makes a huge difference! In this thread there was discussion of html notes being read only, and having the option to duplicate them in MD for further editing. Is that plan replaced by the current implementation, where we can indeed edit the HTML?

I still think it would be really useful to be able to convert those notes that I plan to work with further to MD…

Many thanks to all involved!

You can indeed edit the HTML directly but it’s not currently possible to automatically convert to Markdown. I guess at some point we could indeed have something like this.

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Well, there goes the relevance of all curent options menu discussions. Great to see the change.