EverJop — an Evernote-like CSS theme

I've been waiting and searching for this for too long, that finally I decide to make it by myself...

Download here: jdcola/evernote-theme-for-joplin: An Evernote-like theme for Joplin

Also as responding to @wanghm365 @Daeraxa @xaholo3700Who can help make an Evernote style CSS file? - Support - Joplin Forum , and FYI @whitewall


Will this be bundled as a plug-in in the future?

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No plan yet, coz I have zero experience of Joplin plugin development... (I'm an experienced programmer with basic web-dev knowledge, but quite limited practical experiences...)

But I'd like to do it if it's not complicated, being provided some easy-to-follow instructions or template :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this update. Just a note of something I discovered...if you are set to dark theme it messes up the style. I just had to switch back to light theme and it looks great!

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Thank you. Much appreciated!

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