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Who can help make an Evernote style CSS file?

verison 2.4.9 windows 10 x64
I know that the display style of notes can be changed by modifying userstyle.css.
But I'm not a developer.
Who can help make an Evernote style CSS file? Including fonts, line spacing, paragraph spacing, lists, checkboxes, tables, and so on.
After using Evernote for more than 10 years, I always feel that Joplin's note taking interface is not as comfortable as Evernote.

I'm not a developer either but you really don't need to be - at least not to make some very basic changes.
There are good resources on the forums about the userstyle and userchrome CSS that is worth having a look through. You can even have a look at themes that others have made and see how they did it.

  • The CSS wiki is good for general info about how to do some specific things.
  • The Share your CSS thread has a lot of info about how to style certain areas as well as lots of examples of themes people have made.

If you have any particular questions people are usually willing to help out.

I never knew there's actually a CSS Wiki for this. I think we should add a link to it somewhere.

Could you share some high res screen shots? It's funny that no one has ever done this before.

I never used Evernote so I have no idea what it looks like. But it sounds like a fun project.

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Yes can be in the readme even if it starts to be a nice size :wink:

Worth noting that Evernote went through a very contentious redesign from the older app with more features to a far more limited electron based app which drove a lot of people away. I've taken a shot from the new electron app with the basic formatting features. The older app looks much more like Joplin currently does.
I don't think the editor part of it is anything special, there are elements of the UI I do like though.

Honestly, it looks really close to joplin to me.