Errors importing the notes - Where? What to do?

Version 2.11.11 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43

Revision: 6886f6f
Windows 10 22H2

I'm trying out Joplin to use instead of Evernote. I've imported 2 notebooks already with no issue. Today I started with a somewhat larger one (92 notes) and Joplin threw an error:

"there was some errors importing the notes. Please check the console for more details."

After I clicked ok I saw the console but I didn't see errors (assuming they would be red), but I did see MANY warnings (assuming they are yellow).

I'm not sure what to make of this wall of text (log attached) so if someone might enlighten me as to what the problem is, I would be grateful.

-1688319379311.log (295.4 KB)

It looks like a few notes couldn't be imported. Are you able to share some of these ENEX files, so that we can try to replicate and fix the issue?

Another issue is that one resource (maybe an image) could not be imported. It's called "Is this the Easiest Way to Create New Content?" so if you can share that too that would help figuring it out

Thanks for the response Laurent.

There were 92 notes in the source notebook and there are 92 notes in the Joplin notebook now so I don't see that any failed to import.

On the particular notification of a resource - all the images came through, so I'm not sure what other resources there are. There are URLs in the note, but they also came through. I scanned through some other notes with more varied content like tables, images, PDF's and other content which didn't appear to have any problems.

A great many of my notes are sensitive in nature and I'd prefer not to share them.

How can I interpret the errors to determine the causes? It seems that the errors may not be accurate (given that no notes failed to import, despite the log stating they were).

Thanks again

Evernote notes sometimes contain invalid markup, so Joplin will print a warning about this but will still import the note and probably all the content will be there.

The warning about a resource was something odd, neither an image or a known file but an "object", so not sure what that is. It might be some artifact generated by Evernote that you don't really need. The only way to be sure would be to see the ENEX file

Thanks Laurent. I guess I'll just have to review all my notes after transfer.

Just a quick follow up - I just completed transferring all my remaining notes. No other errors popped up on any of the imports. Must have been a fluke.

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