Team owner cannot synchronixe date (Code 403)

Hello I am using JoplinPortable (version 2.7.15) on my computer, OS Windows 10. And I am also using Joplin app (version 2.7.2) on my OnePlus phone, OS Android version 11. However on both of these when I try to set up my configuration for synchronization, set my target to Joplin Cloud (because I just signed up for the trail of joplin cloud team edition), and enter my username & password; I get a message that says "Team owner cannot synchronize data (Code 403)." Am i doing something wrong on my end? I get this message on both applications on both my pc and my phone.

Many thanks for any answers. Would love to use this app.

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The admin account is actually only for managing the team members, inviting them, etc. and indeed it cannot be used to sync.

If you would like to sync you can however invite yourself to the team, and then use that new account. I hope that makes sense.

Okay it does. Me and a friend were going to work on a project. I just wanted to be able to pay for both of us. But I get it now. Thanks

There's a minimum of two team members in any case, so you have the possibility to invite yourself and your friend to the team. An alternative is to take two Pro accounts, which also allows you to share notes.

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