Error on Exporting / Backup

Hi All,

Ive recently started getting the error below when either exporting my notes to .jex format or using the excellent Simple backup plugin

Could not export notes: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'is_shared' in undefined

Its obviously something Ive done - because I cant find anyone else with the same problem, and its across all the computers I run Joplin on.
I always run the latest version of the software and its followed me across versions, so I suspect one or more of my notes is causing a problem - but which notes?

Can anyone help, as at the moment I cannot backup or export my notes.


Please Upgrade your Joplin instalation. This is a Bug in Version 2.7.13.

Thanks for the quick reply - at the time of posting version 2.7.13 is the latest version

You can download a pre-release in the meantime.

Thank you all - now fixed - :+1:

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Just curious - do you happen to know the length of time between a pre-release and a production release? Is the time frame consistent for each release?


It's not consistent, and varies from one or two weeks up to several months. Typically for a bug fix release (like the current release) it won't be several months.

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