Fatal error- Unknown table:migrations

Hi there,
well first of all I backup my Joplin catalog from time to time and as I hadn’t done it recently I saw an old exported jex file, which i deleted…my notes stayed, but Joplin couldn’t export a new file…I tough it may be due to being an old version(1.0.148 I believe) and I updated it(to 1.0.193) via the terminal command(written on the Joplin website for the Linux version…also to note that I installed Joplin for the first time via the same way) on my Linux Solus OS. I opened it without restarting and it didn’t open, then opened only with the menus on the top and nothing else…from then on I get this error and can’t open or export Joplin notes…what should I do?

What command did you use to install?

And can you still replicate this issue? If so please could you share your database.sqlite file in your profile?

The command is:
wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laurent22/joplin/master/Joplin_install_and_update.sh | bash
I think that’s the file:

I have deleted the link, in case it contains sensitive data. I thought it was an empty or corrupted database but what you’ve uploaded normally shouldn’t give the error you got (the “missing” table is actually there), so I don’t know what the issue is unfortunately.

I see- is there something I should save like all the notes and setting and delete everything else in order to reinstall it and paste the old data?