Error 'no such master key' new install on iPad

Hi all,

I have a new iPad and removed and reinstalled Joplin. Latest Joplin and latest iPadOS.

I do not use encryption.

I set up sync with Dropbox, as I have on my Mac and iPhone, but it gives the error 'no such master key'. See attached image. I removed and reinstalled Joplin again, same error.

How can I fix this so my notes become available on iPad too? I don't want to wipe everything (thousands of notes).

Thanks for any help.


I found this in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Joplin/info.json :

        "version": 3,
        "e2ee": {
                "value": false,
                "updatedTime": 0
        "activeMasterKeyId": {
                "value": "7a8106e277894bd5abda522d68bcad46",
                "updatedTime": 0
        "masterKeys": [],
        "ppk": {
                "value": null,
                "updatedTime": 0

Can I safely remove this master key from here?
That might resolve the error I get?

I'm not using encryption on any device.

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