Error Launching Joplin in Menu and Startup set - Linux/Ubuntu

Joplin 2.4.12 (prod, linux) on Ubuntu 20.04.3
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: b45585d
Installed using wget -O - | bash

Why Question? Desktop icon added by install. Need to add Joplin launch command to Main Menu and Startup Applications
Preliminary Answer: Command is /home/"your username here"/.joplin/Joplin.AppImage
Why Answer Incomplete : This command causes terminal pop-up with message

"(node:26448) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 pluginMessage listeners added to [EventEmitter]. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit"

I do not get this message when starting from desktop icon.
I suspect the execute command requires some parameters added to it and may relate to other entries in the desktop icon file below?

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Joplin for Desktop

Then used that command to search Joplin Forum and discussions like Bug? desktop install on Debian Linux: Joplin not starting - #6 by RedDocMD and several other topics discussed adding "--no-sandbox" parameter/option for a start issue. That was not in my working desktop entry above that works fine. Adding it to /home/david/.joplin/Joplin.AppImage --no-sandbox as test in terminal command failed as either did not start Joplin in attempt 1 and 2nd attempt it started but still got the same above message related to MaxListenersExceededWarning.

Used that MaxListenersExceededWarning error message to search Forum and got Is there A Memory Limit to Joplin?. My Joplin started from the desktop icon runs fast and free of faults so far and I have 2800 notes mostly small and none excessively large. I have 17 plugins installed of which 4 turned off as I personally did not like window display complexity like Favourites, Note Tabs, Outline, and Agenda. I have no attachments so far. Currently only 4 tags but have 33 Notebooks & sub-notebooks. Yet the Forum indicates that should be OK. In any case, as mentioned above, Joplin runs fine without error message when run from desktop icon command above but just not when I place same command in Main menu or Startup Applications.

Apologies if there was an answer I did not find but thought may be useful for other linux / Ubuntu new Joplin users if they have same issue as me getting command into Main menu and Startup Applications.

In any case, thank-you for Joplin as just transferred from Tomboy so I could share tasks with mobile & tablet. All installed on all devices and seems working well so far in meeting all my needs other than this issue.

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