Enter doesn't create a new notebook

When I create a new notebook I get this popup:

I would expect that when I finish typing the notebook name hitting enter should trigger the OK button. But it does nothing. Is that on purpose, or just an oversight?

EDIT: Created an issue:

I can confirm behaviour in my environment
Ubuntu 21.04
Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, linux)

I guess it might be considered a bug as well as a good first issue for new Joplin contributors to practice their skills.

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Do you think I should make a github issue for it?

Sure, go ahead, it's going to be much easier tracked on GitHub

Are there any other modal boxes of that design that also don't confirm with enter?

The only other one I can find is the edit folder box.

They use the same dialog.

I suppose it's common issue with text boxes in the app, here's those I can find.

When pressing enter in the text boxes, it probably should trigger the "apply" action

  • General > Text editor command > Path: and Arguments:
  • Sync > Max concurrent connections
  • Sync Wizard > Joplin Cloud select > Login, Password,
    Dropbox select > Step 2: Enter the code provided by Dropbox:
  • Appearance > Editor font size, Editor font family, Editor monospace font family
  • Plugins > Development plugins
  • Note history > Keep note history for (days)
  • Encryption > Manage master password >Current password, Enter new password

Almost every plugin settings has this issue if it uses text box

It looks like this is the the code that is supposed to be listening for the enter key (13)

I'll make an issue for this tomorrow.

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Thanks, if it's already implemented but doesn't work it would make a good first issue.

There is something weirder going on as well.

Note properties also uses that same function and can be dismissed so long as you don't interact with the box.


  • Click note properties
  • Press enter
    • Box is dismissed


  • Click note properties
  • Click somewhere on box (literally anywhere)
  • Press enter
    • Box is not dismissed

I wonder if the same issue is present here but because you are forced to interact with the box somehow it always fails like the note properties box does once interacted with.

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I remember we added the Enter to 1 dialog box and I think to the GotoAnything dialog.

But it has been a while so I can't recall which dialog it was. Maybe we see a regression here or some code got lost during a refactor.

But something is a bit off. When the Edit notebook dialog appears, the focus is on the input field. However, using Tab does not indicate the focus. The first tab will move the focus to the Emoji button (even though you can't see it). Space or Enter opens the emoji popup. If you press tab a few times you are in the note title and then the note body, even though the dialog box is still there.
(You can actually mess up your note by pressing keys at that point...)

Esc works in that dialog, no matter where the focus is and it will close the dialog. So even in the emoji popup ESC does not close the popup, but closes the dialog.
Enter does not work in the input field. It only works when any of the buttons are focused.

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So it's not about the text boxes but "Note properties screen" itself?
It seems that if you click on empty space on this screen, OK button loses focus and you can put it back using Tab.

The text boxes on the screen work fine for me though

Text boxes aren't a problem, the issue is that you shouldn't need to re-focus the buttons with tab to press enter, it should be generic whilst the form is open.

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I have created an issue here:

Please add info or fix what I have done. I am new at creating issues like this.

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I hope I Understand the Issue and would like to work on it as my first contribution to joplin

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That would be great!


Please Check this pr that fixes the issue @laurent @tessus

is it ok to add libraries such as Alpine (on — Alpine.js) to solve this problem? it was suggested in GitHub opened issue