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Encryption-Sync Not Working

I encrypted 2.2 G to dropbox. first, I setup the application on my iphone and synced. All of the files show encrypted. I was never prompted for the master key that I setup from my desktop.

Was I supposed to have entered the master key on my iphone before i started the initial sync?

Help! Since I don’t have a personal server, I need to use encryption.

BTW - This tool is GREAT on my desktop! I wish you had a WYSIWG option, but I’m now using typora until the feature is available.

Once I get the encryption working I will be golden.

You need to let sync finish on your phone. The master key is just one file among others and you need to wait for it to be downloaded before your data can be decrypted.

hi laurent,
it’s been like this for three days. The sync has been saying complete since Friday.

Is there any error in the log?

no errors but, i’m receiving the following; DecryptionWorker: cannot start because no master key is currently loaded.

resourcefetcher auto-add resource: Mode always


Here is a screenshot of the log file from my iphone.

I know this isn’t helpful, but FWIW I’m having the exact same problem.

My setup is Windows>>Nextcloud>>iOS, and iOS isn’t decrypting.

the log are in the setting screen and behind the button “export report”
here your screenshot show nothing :confused:

Same Issue here. Encryption not working after sveral attempts and starting from scratch.

Joplin Portable 1.0.170 Rev. 22c3646f, Dropbox, Start: Desktop Win7 (64) sync to Desktop Win10(64).

Finally I saved all notes to JEX-file. Started from scratch, imported notes from JEX-file, encrypted them by synchronizing them, then moved to the other system. There I also started anew and synct. The result is a bunch of encrypted notes and notebooks but no master key. As of now I gave up and work without encryption and wait if there will be a solution.
However, like to work with Joplin. Keep on coding!