Encrypted Contacts in Joplin

I searched for this feature request in this forum but didn't see it. Do you think it's a good idea to include contacts in Joplin and integrate with Android?

There aren't many encrypted contact services. Protonmail is well, but I couldn't directly use it on my phone. etesync provides this service but for a fee, and they host the data on their server.

Would it be possible to host end-to-end encrypted contacts on a cloud provider of my choice with Joplin, and use it on Android without importing them to my phone? My contacts can be stored on my server end-to-end encrypted. So as long as I log out from Joplin, there are no traces of my contacts

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You could of course put every contact in a new note with E2EE turned on, but I can't see a way to integrate contact information with other apps in a meaningful way (such as phone or mail apps).

If I understand you correctly, it would be the best solution to self-host a Nextcloud server and access your contacts via CardDAV on your phone using Android apps such as DAVx5.

Edit: just read your last sentence - that seems to be tricky indeed. Proton Mail and Tutanota offer something of that kind (as you mentioned), but encrypted (and fully functional) contact info seem to be a difficult issue even for privacy-oriented services like these.

Joplin stores notes, that you have read, on your device. It’s because they are downloaded for reading and not deleted afterwards. And this is a feature, not a bug :wink: So in your example, every contact you open has been downloaded before.
AFAIK there is no way to only read notes „online only“ like in a browser
And these notes on your phone are not encrypted by Joplin…(there are tons of threads here discussing encryption on devices…)