How secure is Joplin?

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What issue do you have?

If I don't link Joplin to any other accounts (ex. Dropbox/Google drive) can ANYTHING besides my phone access my notes (Joplin included)

I know it mentions this in the privacy policy, but I don't quite understand.

And is there any way to make Joplin harder to access on my phone, like adding a password or something to get to notes?

It's open source, and by default notes are stored locally on device only. Neither Joplin devs nor anyone else for that matter can access your notes, unless your phone is hacked. They will only leave your device if you set up syncing, and that is end-to-end encrypted. You can set up the app to need biometric auth to open.

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I'll add that E2EE is not on by default. You need to turn it on. Check here:

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