Joplin Turned Off Encryption!

I got a new phone. I figured this would be easy: just install Joplin on the phone and sync. I know the drill: all the data downloads to the phone, then the master key is used to decrypt.

It didn't go that way. To my surprise, data started decrypting immediately. I figure Google cloud backup had a copy of my Android's decryption key. That's not good. That shouldn't be backed up without explicit consent. Nonetheless, I let it continue.

Am I not allowed to let me Desktop Joplin auto-sync during this process? Somehow, Joplin decided to turn encryption off. I noticed the desktop client starting to re-sync a lot of items. "That's not right", I thought. Shouldn't it only be syncing the "Welcome" materials from mobile? Instead, it appeared to by syncing everything. I went into Desktop encryption settings and found it Disabled.

TLDR: somehow my setting up Joplin on a new phone triggered the whole app to decrypt the sync target.

TLDR: In the question template that you've deleted, it says "Posts that do not at least state the version number will not be answered". And also: "For bug reports, please post them on GitHub. If you are not sure if it's a bug or not, PLEASE POST ON GITHUB ANYWAY."

I posted in here as a quick heads up. I can't get to a proper GitHub post now, and I can't be sure that I can appropriately document (I didn't write down everything I did, and was looking for direction / discussion of what may have happened).

I am on Joplin version 2.3.3 for Linux and 2.3.4 for Android.

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