How can I uninstall Joplin without deleting my notes?

Windows 10 / Version

I seems to have the same problem as the user has reported about an in compatible plugin. Since then, Joplin can no longer be started properly (white, empty window).

So I must now go back to an older version to deactivate all plugins before I try again the update. But I could not find any information what happends when I uninstall the Joplin via Windows software manager. Will I lost all my data?

I also could not find out in which folder exactly my data is stored. Joplin can no longer be started and I probably can't use a dev console. Any help?

@diskalle welcome to the forum.

Try just moving all the .jpl files out of C:/Users/<Username>/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins before trying to start Joplin.




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Thanks a lot! Very fast help! :sunglasses: :+1:

I frequently experience the empty white window. I discovered that by resizing the window the text automagically reappears.

That's my experience as well: Clicking on the tray icon can result in a white, empty Joplin window which returns to normal when re-sized to its maximum. Not a malfunction in the proper sense of the word, but still an annoying behaviour.

You can also make full notes backup to a .jex file. Then you can simple restore all your notes and attachments.

But for plugins the method what @diskalle mentioned, can also help if disabling the plugins will not work.

It can happen, that a malfunctioning plugin can cause this or any misbehavior.

You can also try a parallel portable installation of Joplin to see what will cause a problem.
Also into the portable Joplin you can simply import all your notes from the .jex backup.

By the way, beside a cloud synced backup I highly recommend to make a local backup to the .jex file.
There is also a backup plugin, that can do it automatically, and it is highly configurable.

See this new pre-release version.

  • Improved: Add support for AVIF image format (#8175)
  • Improved: Improved word count when em-dash is used (#8083)
  • Improved: Updated packages aws, buildTools
  • Fixed: "New note" buttons so large they occlude Search (#8249) (#8159 by Rio Sinnott)
  • Fixed: Window is white on startup (#7484)

Hi Guys,
thanks for the tipps.
But in my case the reason was only an incompatible plugin. It was not possible to deactivate it on the normal way. But after I remove this plugin from the folder, I could start it again normally. :grinning:

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