Empty lines automatically added when copy and paste

Copying and pasting will add a empty line before and after the pasted sentence.
I don’t want that. What should I do?

Version is 12.1.2
Editor is markdown
iOS app and win10 app


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This is because of how Markdown understands line breaks. It understands them as the end of an HTML paragraph. And HTML paragraphs have margins above and below them.

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Thanks for your reply.
Does that mean there is no way to deal with my problem because it is a specification of the markdown editor?

Actually, I found a solution for you!:

Make sure the editor is in Markdown mode when you paste your text. When you do that, the number of line breaks in your source text will be preserved.

I'm really sorry it took me so long to thank you.
I will give it a try. Thank you so much!

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