Feature or Plugin request | Copy html/markdown formatted text to clipboard from WYSIWYG editor

Currently the behavior of copying text from the markdown preview and the WYSIWYG editor behave differently.

This can be tested by pasting into a Word document from both sources.
For example:
Copying and pasting into Word from the markdown previewer does not retain line separators.
Copying and pasting into Word from the WYSIWYG editor does retain line separators.

I don't know the exact cause of this but I presume markdown copies as html and WYSIWYG copies as rich text, or something?
I'd like the ability to copy the HTML formatting of the markdown preview from the WYSIWYG editor, if possible.

The reason for this is the place where I paste my notes does not play nice with the WYSIWYG formatting whereas its fine with the markdown preview formatting.
I'd like to use the WYSIWYG editor but this is preventing me from being able to do so.

If implemented this should probably be a setting as I'm sure not everyone would want this behavior.

Thanks in advance for any consideration into this request.