Other WYSIWYG MD editor other than Typora?

I tried Typora a few times and I liked its WYSIWYG capabilities and the look, it feels very polished and clean. Is there some other WYSIWYG markdown editor similar to Typora?
I tried many, but I couldn't find one.

At this point, I think Joplin is the only and best choice so far even though the WYSIWYG part is still being worked on. What I like about both Joplin and Typora is the option to organize the content with nested folders which is not common (not sure even Obsidian does that, but I tried it a long time ago and I can't remember).

As far as I remember, MarkText is very similar to Typora. Open Source, even.

Thank you, @keyx

I tried it a while back and for some reason, I didn't think much of it.
After a second try, I actually like it quite a bit!
The UI is pleasant and clean, keeps content organized in folders, fully WYSIWYG with some extra nice features (good handling of images).