Editor, viewer and split mode

Joplin: 2.11.11
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Sorry if my English isn't good enough, but I'm sure, you will understand my problem.

Am I the only Joplin user with problems knowing in which mode I am?
I almost never know if I'm in Markdown editor, WYSIWYG editor, viewer ... and then guessing with clicking and trying writing on icons (for changing mode or/and layout). This really isn't user-friendly. I've been using Joplin for over three years and still have daily problems with this.
The current state should be much more visible/understandable.

Besides that, I often have problems with pasting an image. I'm not sure yet (still following the exact problem), but I think the problem is when an image is COPY in MS Office programs (Word for example).
PASTE in Paint (for example) works, but it doesn't work in Joplin. This must be a bug. In combination with above-described differentiation problem, this leads to a lot of swearwords.

Any idea how to help a keen Joplin user?

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I assume we are talking about Joplin on a desktop. If that is true ...
a) I agree with your observation, but
b) looking at the icon in the top right (showing an M and a pad with a stylus) you can tell in which mode you are.

Concerning your pasting problem, you are not the only one. Others have had the same complaint. But it seems it is a "office365 only" problem. Not a Joplin problem. There are two solutions.

  1. use an offline version of MS office, or
  2. paste your image into another application (for example text on mac, or notes on windows),
    copied it again, and paste into Joplin.
    The second is not an ideal solution, but it works.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I'm talking about Joplin on a desktop (Windows and Linux).
Please, check the next two screenshots.

Two main issues I have with understanding both screenshots.

  1. I would expect, that the first image will look similar to what follows now, but without the image (only ![85f4ec......png]):

    Without seeing any changes, all look the same.

  2. If I have focus (cursor) after the first screenshot, I can write. I'm somehow in the viewer. And then I'm confused and start clicking icons until I get what I want. It really isn't understandable. I talked with some of my friends (experienced in IT) and they also have a problem understanding this behavior.

Pasting is another story. I'm using your second solution - it isn't what the user expected in 2023, but at least it works.

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Sure, but since Off365 shows similar problems with other applications, and Joplin does not, I guess you have to tell Microsoft that this isn't what a user expects in 2023;)

Now back to your "what I see" problem, go and open the Md viewer (first screenshot above) and enter cmd-L (on a mac, probably ctrl-L on a PC) a few times. What do you see ?

I tried your suggestion for toggling between different layouts. But I'm still confused. I never know in which layout I am. I understand that Joplin has 2 editors (the WYSIWYG editor and the Markdown editor). As far as I found, the Markdown editor user can toggle between the editor, the viewer, and the split view. The WYSIWYG doesn't have the same behavior?
After testing, I changed the layout button sequence to "Editor/Split View". It looks the best for me so far.
So, if I'm in WYSIWYG mode, the "toggle editor layout" icon will stay gray. If I'm in Markdown mode, the "toggle editor layout" icon will be available and I can use split view to help writing in Markdown.
I hope it will work the same on my home computer where the Linux Mint rules the world.

Copy/paste an image:
If I copy an image in Word, I can paste it into Gimp, Paint (and other programs). But I can't paste it into Joplin. I don't know what the reason is and who the culprit is. MS Office is otherwise far from my favorite application :slight_smile:

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There is no point in a WYSIWYG editor to show several different views because the whole idea is that it shows what you type immediately, and the code which adds features (like e.g. bold, paragraph, etc.) is not meant to be (human) readable.

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