Easiest way to create a tab?

Hello, I am new to Joplin and I’ve noticed the program doesn’t seem to recognize tabs or multiple spaces in a row. I have found out I can more or less display a tab in Joplin by typing either \quad or \qquad inside math tags, but that seems overly difficult. Is there an easier way I can get Joplin to display tabs or multiple spaces in a row? I would prefer to be able to just press tab.

Unfortunately this is a feature (or often a issue with) of markdown.

To simply input a tab, you can use the html  

Another option (which I think is most common) is to use deflist plugin. You can see the usage on the pandoc site. And I have an example from Joplin below (I show 3 example depending how you prefer it to look.

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Another workaround is to use an empty line before the first tabbed entry. Then it is equivalent to the <code></code> environment, but obviously it has its cons