Easier access to html of note

Due to some technical stupidity between my email list provider and my blogging software I prefer to write my blog posts in Joplin. I only need the basic html of the note. I know I can export to html but then I need to fish out the blog post out of the huge html file. Is there a way to export only the note without the CSS?

Alternatively, could I copy the html of the note into the clipboard?

If you copy from the Rich Text editor it will put the HTML in the clipboard, then you should be able to paste it in another rich text editor, or any editor that handles HTML fine. The only other solution I think is indeed to export as HTML and to fish out the blog post from it.

I can't get the copy from the rich text editor to work.

I have a note:

After doing a copy-and-paste the result in Brackets is Markdown:

"Email selection" from the context menu works fine, though:

Joplin 2.10.10 on High Sierra