Duplicating a note need to also duplicate the tags

In Evernote, if you duplicate a note, it also duplicates its tags. Not so in Joplin. When we have many tags, manually typing all tags to the new note of similar kind (since duplicated) is tedious. It’s easy to replace the unwanted tags than to type everything from scratch. Please add this feature.


More then Evernote comparison, Joplin does not provide a simple way to template tag settings. Neither "Duplicate note", nor the impressive template feature facilitate this. Tags are a very strong mechanism to organize the same data in many different way's.

It can be hard, however, to use them in a consistent way without the ability of some form of templatiing them. Either by including the configured tags from an existing "template" note when it is duplicated or by allowing pre-configured tags as part of the templating logic.

Request 7423 (store-tags-inside-notes)
would allow tags to part of the note duplication function.

Its possible with plugin. I will think of making one.

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You can try this plugin to copy the Tags after the duplication.

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Hello Jack,

It is a little less intuitive, but it works nicely.

Thank you.


I would like to give this feature another push! For usability reasons (and because I am lazy), duplicating a note/todo should assign the same tags automatically to the new note/todo.

I love the work that is going into the copy tags plugin, but it is still a plugin (or workaround, if you will). This really should be a very sensible core feature.