Dropbox Sync - Windows/Linux/Android

I have Joplin installed on three devices - Windows 10, Xubuntu 18.04, and Android and set to sync using Dropbox on all three devices.

The Xubuntu and Android devices sync perfectly. I added a notebook to the new Windows 10 installation and the notebook there syncs to the other two devices. But nothing from the Xubuntu or Android devices shows up in my Windows app.

Have you tested thoroughly? After adding something on your Android device - did you sync that device before syncing the windows app etc?

I use Joplin on four devices and have no problems at all. For example I can add “Note A” from Android, “Note B” from my iPad, “Note C” from Ubuntu 18.04 and “Note D” from Windows 10. After all devices have been synced a couple of times - all notes appear fine on all devices.

There seems to be an issue in the Joplin/Dropbox/Linux combo so I had to set my devices up like this:

  1. Windows 10 > Syncs via Dropbox API
  2. Android app > Syncs via Dropbox API
  3. iPad > Syncs via Dropbox API
  4. Ubuntu 18.04 > Syncs via Filesystem ( Directory: /home/username/Dropbox/Apps/Joplin

Ubuntu syncing via Dropbox API did not work, but with filesystem it syncs very fast.


Oh yes… after much tinkering I realized that nothing that existed prior to my installation of the Windows application synced.

So I tested this by creating a new notebook on my Android device with a new note and it synced. I moved everything from the old folder to this new folder and it now seems to be working.

I got it to work using a similar setup but now discover I’ve violated the Dropbox API limits. I had converted a large number of notes from Evernote and with trying to make this work I tripped their 25,000 API call limit.

Tried using the filesystem syns in Windows 10 to get around it for now but keep getting errors… always involving EINVALUE. Latest attempt produced -

 Error: Error: EINVAL: invalid argument, stat 'C:\Users\Randy Clark\Dropbox\Apps\Joplin\000389fbb489a2926dabccc88867f017.md'. Path: C:\Users\Randy Clark\Dropbox\Apps\Joplin

Thanks for your suggestion though - I thought I had it all working and now have bumped against the API limits on Dropbox.

Hi !

I have also a problem of syncing JOPLIN between Windows 10 and Android !

First I cannot find a button to manually sync…
I just can see “Status of the Sync”.

When I click on this my sync shows 0 / Total !!!

My sync is via Dropbox where there is the folling reps :
L Applications
L Joplin
L .resource
L .sync

Is somebody to help me ?

I’m using Linux Mint (Sarah), ios12 and Android 6.0 Marshmellow. My android handy doesn’t show up changes and new notes. On linux and ios works perfectly.

If i delete the joplin android app and make new install then it syncs otherwise not. This is verry annoying. I can’t quit evernote. Not yet.



Me also, and I am annoyed too !


Here is a workaround. This was the only solution for me.


I think that my problem is not exactely the same !
In fact, from the desktop application, I can see that it does not sync at all !

Firstly : how to make JOPLIN sync with my DROPBOX ?

Please provide error logs or console output as described there:


I tried to follow the debugging mode.

First, I had a bad message on the last opening of my JOPLIN app:

<img src="cid:part1.13F4554F.14897AC5@thabaud.com" alt="">

I uninstalled and cleaned everything and restarted my computer.

I reinstalled JOPLIN and created only one "Nouveau carnet" and one note.

I indicate to synchronize with DROPBOX.

Now the file JOPLIN has  been filled in DROPBOX ! ***First step OK***

I have not uninstalled my Android app and made a sync.... it worked perfectly ! ***Second step OK !***

On other hand, I wanted anyway try to test the debugging mode.

I have then created the file "flags.txt" and I am now blocked because I cannot find any tool like console in my desktop application ! ***Where to find***?