Dropbox Rewind Enough of a Backup?

My notes sync to Dropbox. Dropbox offers the convenient “rewind” feature to roll the cloud file back if anything should go wrong. Is this enough of a backup for general use or would something be missing here?

Obviously I’d export all my notes if I was going to be doing some fiddling on the back end, but I’m talking under normal circumstances here.

That’s a good start and could help in case of a problem. I think the issue is that for example if you want to rewind all the files back to a particular point in time it might be more complicated. Personally I prefer to export to JEX now and then to be sure I have an archive with all my notes at a given point in time.

Wouldn’t rewinding the entire Joplin folder (and therefore all the contained files) do this? Or would this cause some other issues?

It would work, but you’d need to clear your local profile on your computer (and uninstall/reinstall on mobile) before syncing. Otherwise the local sync state will conflict with what’s on the sync target.

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