Drag and drop link addresses from navigator

Autogeneration of markdown links draging from navigator

@migmae welcome to the forum.

Joplin does autogenerate links when you drag and drop one note into another.

Did you mean something else?

I mean do that but drag and drop from a web browser address bar or web link

I tested this just now and it works with the Beta CodeMirror editor, and it kinda works with WYSIWYG (but drops a broken link), but doesn’t work for the AceEditor.

That’s useful!

I have noticed however that if you drag in an image from a web page it does import it into Joplin however it does so as a (non-displayable) BMP file?

I tried dragging an image from the web and for me it always seems to come in as a link to the image, no import at all. Can you reliably duplicate that issue?

Yes, but it may be browser dependant.

Win10 Pro x64 - Joplin 1.0.227 - CodeMirror Editor

Top browser - Firefox - Imports as BMP
Middle browser - Waterfox - Imports as BMP
Bottom browser - Edge - Records URL

That’s because for some reason dragging from the bottom browser uses a copy operation.

On macOS there is a difference between dragging and dropping a file from Finder/ForkLift/… into Joplin. It usually attaches the image/resource. However, if you press option, it will create a link to the local file.

It’s still a bit of a pain that for the other browsers the image comes in as a non-displayable BMP rather than a PNG or JPG. If you put a ! in front of a BMP resource link you get an “broken image link” icon.

Yes, I agree. But I believe it is a browser issue. You can see how your icon changes. It even says copy. What happens, if you press Alt before you drop it with Edge?

I’ve just noticed that you mentioned CodeMirror. I’m not sure if those actions are universal or depend on the editor. Just tested with Ace and macOS. Your test does not work at all on my system. With Waterfox/Firefox the URL is shown (as with Edge uin your example). With Brave/Chrome nothing happens at all.
Thus I highly suspect that it’s a editor thing in combination with the browser…

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Seems right. In my limited tests Ace also brings it in as a bmp but additionally it adds a link. If the image is “wrapped” in a url to an article / web page you will get an article / web page link but if it is just an image it will be a direct link to the image file.

Testing on my system (Ubuntu 20.04, Firefox) ace does nothing and codemirror only drops the url. Seems that system also matters for this one.