Does flatpak include CLI version?

Using Joplin 2.11.11 on Debian 12, installed through Flatpak (package net.cozic.joplin_desktop).

Joplin desktop works just fine. But I can not find the CLI version of it, is it even included in this package ? If yes, how do you launch it ?

Sorry if the answer is somewhere, but I just spent half an hour looking for it without finding any clue.

It doesn't, no. Flatpaks aren't ideal for CLI software because a lot of what helps with the sandbox mediation doesn't generally apply to CLI applications (e.g, File Open XDG portal only makes sense in a GUI context); and from a package management perspective, while the apps are closely related and built from the same codebase, it'd be advantageous to have them cleanly split to ease maintenance, independant updates, separate dependencies, etc; so if there were a CLI version, I'd imagine it would be under its own name.

The AppImage is likely the best solution for the Joplin CLI app.

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Thanks, yes it makes sense.

Another way would be via npm, as per the official documentation.

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