Display first page of PDF as Image

I don’t really care much about in-line pdfs as in evernote.

I do however care a lot about identifying which pdf is which without opening all of them. In evernote all pdf’s first pages appear as an image placeholder for the pdf link. Is there a way to do the same in Joplin?


I have the same question.
how to close the pdf preview, it will take up a lot of display space

People wanted to have a PDF preview, so now it is available.

It will only show one page and you can scroll within that preview. But you can also scroll over that preview. Either way, it will only show the first page unless you scroll within the PDF preview area.

You can turn this off by unchecking Preferences -> Markdown -> Enable PDF viewer (wysiwyg: no).


To stop them automatically showing I wrap the link in the following code -

<details close>
<summary>Show pdf ...</summary>

link here



It would be nice to have the same ability as for pictures to discard the preview by preluding the link with an exclamation mark.

![PDF document title][(:/2d766a8413314169ac6e2c458d10f22a)