Discussing the portable version

I like the portable version provided by Joplin, it’s very simple. A program and a profile folder that is automatically generated after the first boot is very easy to understand. Joplin’s download page is also very well done, and I didn’t hesitate to choose a portable version.

I don’t know if you’re using a portable version. Note software I am inclined to portable version, because note software is relatively independent program, do not have to link with other file types, so there is no need to install on a fixed computer, portable version can let me change the computer when easy to migrate in the past, all the settings are in, I do not have to reinstall and set. I highly recommend using a portable version.

I think Joplin portable will be with me all my life. I am a note-taking maniac, and I think notes can summarize and reflect on my life and study, the equivalent of an autobiography.

In the past, I used paper and notes, but it was easy to lose or easily carry out, and then I started taking notes on my computer, and before Using Joplin, I wrote with typora, but typora wasn’t managed well, and typora focused more on writing than on management. After i knew Joplin, I knew that the note software I wanted was Joplin. There is no note software on the market that is as powerful as Joplin, I am 22 years old this year, and I want to use Joplin to take notes all my life.