Where are notes in the portable version stored?

I wanted to try Joplin and installed tge Portable version for Windows. After ~1 Week I felt that I would keep using it and installed the .exe installer from the GitHub releases page.
Now when I open the newly installed Joplin, I obviously only see the ‘welcome’ notebook. However, when I open the portable Joplin.exe, I also only see the ‘welcome’ notebook. Where does Joplin store my notes by default? I only worked locally and didnt explicitly choose a file location.

For me it seems to be JoplinProfile in the same directory as the portable .exe.

Yep, I found an SQLite DB in there. Opened it with SQLiteBrowser (or basically any IDE with database functionality would do as well) and could extract my notes.
There was probably an easier way, but it worked for me, so yeah :smiley:

I'll make sure to properly sync Joplin this time :stuck_out_tongue:

For future reference, here are 2 options that are less cumbersome:

  • copy the contents of the profile directory to the new location (you can see the profile directory in General Options -> section General)
  • do an export to JEX on portable and import from JEX on the new version

I’m using Windows portable version and just copy the new version to the same folder where the old one is located…
No troubles.

Hmm, this is great, but I guess you didn’t read what this topic is about.
The OP migrated from portable to non portable.

Ops, sorry…