Disable smooth scrolling on joplin on linux

  • On linux (Ubuntu 20.04), i used several different electron based app other than joplin, like slack, discord, spotify, and pomodoro-logger
  • All of these app has sluggish/weird scrolling, of which can be easily fixed by adding --disable-smooth-scrolling on their launch flag
  • This weird scrolling also persisted in joplin, but sadly everytime i try to add the flag, it said unknown flag --disable-smooth-scrolling
  • Firefox also had this problem but it is easily disabled

Is there any way to deactivate smooth scrolling or if there is no way, can it be added as feature?

Some questions.

  • What is your Joplin version?
    • In ver.2.5.4+, the problem should be fixed.
    • In pre-released ver.2.6.2, it would be better.
  • Does this problems happen when zoom factor is 100%?
    • To set zoom factor 100%, select Menu View > Actual Size.

For detail, please refer Desktop: Resolves #4827,#5652: Fix and improve laggy scroll fix by ken1kob · Pull Request #5606 · laurent22/joplin.

  • Im on 2.6.2
  • Zoom factor? doesnt do anything
  • I think it felt better when i was on 2.5.12
  • I can't revert to 2.5.12 from 2.6.2 because of this

Thanks for your report.

I think it felt better when i was on 2.5.12.

Let me ask you additional questions.

  • Just to confirm, both 2.5.12 and 2.6.2 have the problem, and 2.6.2 is worse than 2.5.12. Right?
  • Do you remember if Joplin v2.4 or prior had the problem?
  • Is there any difference between when zoom factor is 100% and when not?
    • To set it 100%, select Menu, View > Actual Size
    • To set it 90%, select Menu, View > Actual Size, then, Menu View > Zoom Out