Difference between ENEX import methods

there are 2 ENEX import options - the support documents do not cover this - MD and HTML - what are the differences please? thanks!

The MD option imports the ENEX file and converts the notes, as best it can, to Markdown. Markdown has less formatting capabilities than Evernote / HTML notes so the import will be "simplified". You will lose formatting in those notes that have things like lots of text colourings, fancy fonts and special layouts etc. It will however be quite easy to read the Markdown and edit it.

The HTML option will preserve a lot of the formatting but the note will be quite dense with HTML code and editing it will be quite difficult as you will have to negotiate the HTML to find the actual text and determine what you are changing.

In summary, if you think that you may want to edit your imported notes in the future, choose MD and lose some formatting. If the note is never going to be touched again the HTML option will keep the fancy formatting but editing it later will be an almighty PITA.