Diferent Toolbar icons in View / Edit modes

Hello, I notice that toolbar icons are diferent in view and edit modes.
For example, in Markdown Edit mode I dont have inline code (useful for wraping text and clicking icon to apply), or H1 H2 H3, only have H for H2

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I have noticed that it is a different set of icons as well.

Hey there, Carlos

Current "Code" button works as both inline (when selecting less than one line) and

multiline code 

(when selecting more than 1 line).

Indeed, there are no heading buttons other than H2 as it's already quite hard to fit all the buttons. As a compromise, H2 header is just the style that most people wish for when applying headers.

Of course it could be cool if there were dropdown options for headers buttons: for example increase/decrease header level on selected text (in marktext it's called "promote/demote headers"). Although, it's never been a priority, I think it could be a good first "issue" for new Joplin contributors.

More on that was summarized here

In any case, welcome to the community

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