Heading toolbar buttton: Odd behavior

Version Joplin 1.0.201:

The Heading icon in the toolbar only produces Heading 2 (##). It doesn’t toggle through heading levels as I would expect it to.

Am I missing something in the settings? Or is this a bug?


It is intended behaviour, but I can see what you mean. That would be an improvement. Although, we need spec on how to implement this. I’ll wait for the collaborators input before moving forward.

It would indeed be a big improvement. Thanks!

This came up a while ago, but as rabeehrz already said, it is intended behavior. I hope that in the future, it will start at level 1 (or maybe even continue with the last used level - not sure, if that makes sense). A toggle option to circle through all 6 headings would be awesome.
Or maybe even use tab to increase and shift-tab to decrease the level.
The options are endless.

Howerver, I really would suggest a feature freeze right now. We have to fix certain bugs first and there are so many PRs to merge. Adding new features is not a high priority right now.


Yeah that would be great. There’s an option like that in Bear app on mac which is good feature to add.