Deleted remote items

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Version 1.01.169 for Windows
I’ve been using Joplin with Dropbox for a few months and have been very happy. Tonight a strange thing seems to be happening. Joplin Sync began deleting remote items. It is currently on item 564.


Grabbed this image on item 238. Now it has deleted 611 items. I did not intentionally delete anything. Is this just a monthly or quarterly or whatever database cleanup? or is something wiping out all my data?

I am not noticing anything missing so far and would imagine I’d notice something as it has now deleted 698 items.

Will it stop? What is happening?

Neither of the 2 android devices I’m synced with is turned on or running Joplin at the moment. This began after I’d been away from the computer for about 30 minutes.

Could be note revisions, but without more info it’s impossible to tell.

I don’t have much time now to try and investigate. Ended up deleting about 1,100 items. I don’t see that anything is missing though. It is just scary to watch a critical program managing important data telling you it is deleting hundreds of items and not have any idea what is going on. I’m guessing that either Joplin or Dropbox was doing some data maintenance, but it would be nice if the message was less scary.

If you still have an unsynced app (on mobile for example), you can compare the synchronisation statuses and see what items were deleted on desktop. We could indeed provide more info about what gets deleted, not in the sidebar, because there’s no space, but at least in the log.