Default tagging in clipper

I like the webclipper a lot. A feature that I miss is, to be able to set some default tags. I am suggesting 2 options:

Fixed / default tag

Add an option/setting in the clipper to always add a fixed tag to pages. This could, for example, be useful to be able to find back clipped pages later. I would always add the tag from:clipper, where I also use from:ifttt, from:evernote, from:pocket etc. If the extension options would include one or more tags, those should alway be added to the clipped page. Always added, or as defaults, so the user can delete them case by case.

Remember tags

Another option in the extension settings could be a checkbox to remember the last used tags. If checked, the tags of the previous clipping would be presented as defaults. This is useful if you are researching a topic, and like to add the same tag to a group of pages again and again. The checkbox might also be in the clipping window, to be able to easily toggle.


I would love to be able to have a default tags for the webclipper. I usually put webpages in a webpages notebook, but sometimes they are specific for individuals. What would make more sense to me is to always tag with “webpage”.

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