Prune empty tags from web clipper?

I use the web clipper extensively, and I rearrange my tags often.

One problem I am encoutering is that web clipper always remember ALL my tags, even the ones I am not using anymore. That's annoying because I often end up using old or misspelled tags by mistake, and then they come back into the main app.

How do I make sure all tags with count == 0 are gone forever from the system? I suspect that comes from the underlying DB because I get thet same old tags on different machines, so that information must come from the shared data source




You've made a good point. I'm experiencing the same issue as well. So, we've become two people in total. Let's hope we're getting closer to the ideal number needed for a solution. Of course, this is a joke. I don't think the number matters to our developers. However, it might be better to open such topics as "support".

I'll see if I can work on it myself

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I clean my tags sometimes with the data API ("Remove unused tags"). This requires some knowledge about Joplin's web clipper and Python.

It should be possible to write a plugin, to have it more user-friendly and integrated directly into Joplin.


That looks awesome, thanks for sharing

I opened a related (I believe) GH issue in the past (it's closed now, but if you open your own issue you may refer to it). I like @Marph's suggestion of using the data API / plugin. Nevertheless, the way I see it it shouldn't have happened to begin with, and will hopefully get fixed in the future. (There was a previous attempt to fix this, but it had its own issues.)