Image database question

Hi there

I've just migrated from Evernote and really like Joplin so far. I had a question I hope someone can help with.

I use it as a database/bank of images, so since 2008 I've been collecting visual reference, one jpeg per note.

With Evernote I could just drag an image from Safari onto the icon in the Mac OS dock and it would create a note just with that image. Is this functionality possible in Joplin does anyone know?

I tried the clipper, but there doesn't seem to be a way to right click a web image and add to Joplin (just a screenshot, which takes a bit longer)

Thanks in advance!


@johnnyjohnny welcome to the forum.

An option is to install the Hotfolder plugin.


Then create a folder on your desktop and use the plugin settings to mark it as the "Hotfolder". Anything put in that folder becomes a note and is deleted from the folder. I have tried this using Linux and Firefox and I can drag images from the browser onto the HotFolder and they become notes. I do not have a Mac so hopefully the same will happen... You can set a specific Notebook within Joplin to accept these notes as well as apply default tags.


This worked a treat, thanks so much for your help!

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