Cursor moved to the top, undo history removed?

I'm using Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, darwin). This is basically the first time I've used it. I have it configured to sync to the file system every 5 minutes.

I don't understand what is happening. I'm typing in the markdown pane for the split screen view. Periodically my cursor jumps to the top of the file and my undo history disappears. I suspect this happens when a sync occurs. If this is normal I'm surprised that nobody has said anything because this is so disruptive it led me to get an account here to post about it. Joplin looks extremely promising and so I'm hoping it will replace my current workflow. But something like this is probably a deal breaker.

I see another post about this but there was no answer...

Well, it just happened again and I turned off synchronization to see if that was it, and it almost immediately happened again. It wasn't even 30 seconds. I guess I could try an external editor.

How do you have your window set up? Full screen, half screen etc? Have you collapses any of the sidebars? Do you have both the markdown view and the viewer visible?

I've also experienced this bug, but i can never reproduce it when i try to (and haven't experienced it at all for about 6 months). Hopefully together we can figure out what's causing it and find a fix.

It's windowed. It's happened when I had markdown and preview open and it's also happened when I only have preview open. I don't know what I've done that's triggered this bug but I don't think I can use this anymore. Even if I use an external editor if I make a single change in Joplin I'm afraid that I will lose something.

I've never realized it until now, but I use undo and redo a lot and to randomly lose it means my whole workflow is turned upside down.

If you have something I can turn on to debug I'll do it but otherwise I don't know what else to do. I wouldn't be surprised if it's something else on my computer that is causing this.

Do you have any plugins installed? It could be a plugin causing this.

If you go under the menu Help -> Toggle Development Tools and click under the console tab, do you see any errors? If so can you paste them here.
Please ignore any that look like "could not load source map"

I don't have any plug-ins installed.

There are 5 of these errors, and it looks like they all happened at the same time.

/Applications/ Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'types' of undefined
at Object. (/Applications/
at ()
at /Applications/
at new Promise ()
at __awaiter (/Applications/
at Object.current (/Applications/
at FE. (/Applications/
at (tinymce.min.js:9)
at (tinymce.min.js:9)
at FE. (tinymce.min.js:9)

I know you've already chosen Electron, but as far as native OS support goes, it's pretty awful. For an Electron app, your app is pretty good. As a general rule, I refuse to use them unless I have no choice.

Thanks for sharing the errors, I've made a PR here that should prevent them in the future.

That said, I don't actually know if that's whats causing your cursor to jump (and the history to disappear).

Could you provide some detail on the sort of notes that this happens with? Do they have a lot of attachments? Are they exceptionally long? etc. Or does this happen with all notes?

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