Save cursor location and navigation history between Joplin sessions

Joplin is far better at maintaining cursor location (or at least file scroll position) as you navigate around the application than it used to be, but . . .

What I want:

I want to shut down the application and restart it and have Joplin remember my history of browsing around the application folder and file structure and act as if I never left.

Yes, I get that if you sync between several devices another device may have altered everything. But that just means Joplin needs to have default behaviors when the expected locations have changed or even disappeared.

It's annoying to restart the application and then have to browse to the document and then the location within that document, especially when 9 times out of 10 you are still on that same device.

Love the application, and at this point I am married to it (happily married), but there are still a few of these nitpicky things. :slight_smile:

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