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What issue do you have?

In some situations, in the Android editor, the cursor jumps to the character-before position (details below).

The bugs appeared in version 3.0.2 and was not in the previous version I was using (likely 3.0.1 as my Droid package manager is installing every new version).

This bug appears when the following conditions are all met:

  • on a line starting with '-' (bullet point, check mark...) or with '#' (title) but not with '*' and not in a numbered list
  • typing a new word, starting with a letter (upper or lower case does not matter) with preceding character is a space or special character (not a letter or numeral)
  • the cursor position is at the end of the line. The bug will not appear if the user is typing in the middle of the line or even before a single character such as '.' or even a space

This may sound like a lot of conditions but this is the usual situation when typing a new title or a new bullet point item.

Example where '|' is the cursor position. I am showing the real line after '>' and putting a numbering before to show the sequence of typing:

  1. existing text|

  2. existing text |

  3. existing text |a

In this example cursor jumps before character 'a' just after typing it in step 3.

Thank you for adding extensive details to this. This issue is tracked on github and about to be fixed by Henry

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I had pointed out a similar situation some time ago, not while editing a note but while editing a URL or name/password in the synchronization setup. Moving the cursor to the middle of an already typed line to correct something puts the new text in backwards. Type ABC in the middle of the line results in CBA. The character would register and then the cursor would jump back to before the just entered character.

Just assumed it was an Android quirk.