Cursor jumps to character before position on Android v3.0.3 release from Github

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What issue do you have?

v3.0.3 from Github also shows the v3.0.2 bug described here: Cursor jumps to character before position


I can only replicate cursor jumps with alphabetical characters. The cursor can jump multiple characters depending on typing speed, which seems similar to the upstream CodeMirror issue. See these tests from a new note:

  • Typing # a then typing another header elsewhere stops cursor jumps for only the new header's first word.

  • Typing > a doesn't cause cursor jumps.

  • Typing >a doesn't stop cursor jumps on other lines.

  • Typing - a stops cursor jumps after typing - a or >a on other lines.

  • Typing >a or - a then removing it doesn't stop cursor jumps.


This Github issue states that adding new line characters at end of note stops cursor jumps. I can only reliably replicate this by triggering a cursor jump and preserving that text, only for typing bullets with -.

I use another editor then paste text into Joplin once finished. If you want to continue using Joplin, use or emulate plain text which seemingly isn't affected by this bug:

  • For quotes, use > a instead of >a.

  • For headers, skip the space after the # then add it later.

  • For bullets, use *, a numbered list, or skip the space after the - then add it later.

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The following additional information could be helpful:

  • Are you able to reproduce this in the editors on CodeMirror Mixed-Language Parsing Example (in Chrome or another Chromium-based browser)?
  • System information -- in the past, some Android editor issues have been specific to a single keyboard type/version.
    • Android keyboard app (e.g. Samsung Keyboard + External keyboard),
    • Android OS version
    • WebView version (I'm not sure how to easily get this).
  • App info from configuration > "more information".
    • Relevant info included in this: A list of plugins that are enabled & a confirmation that it is v3.0.3 :slight_smile: .

Additional notes:

Thank you for reporting this!

I had a similar issue with the OpenBoard keyboard (in Android Joplin v3.0.3) which almost stopped completely when I switched to Simple Keyboard. Now this only happens to me in settings text boxes.

EDIT: I'll admit that I'm having a hard time reproducing the editor cursor jumps now, with/out plugins. But the text boxes in the settings are still an issue.

EDIT2: OK, so while editing this happens to me in RTL languages (with OpenBoard) but not in English (my Android 13 system language). In settings text boxes this happens to me while typing in English (in 5 different keyboards, including Samsung and Gboard).


I use Joplin without plugins on Android 14. Here are my testing results for keyboard apps in English:

My editor cursor jump results with Openboard and Simple Keyboard match those from @shikuz. My settings cursor jump results don't:

  • Every text keyboard I mentioned in this post didn't cause them.
  • Sayboard, a voice keyboard, entered spoken words multiple times. For example, saying "https" entered it 7 times. The plugin search is unaffected.

AOSP Keyboard and Heliboard (based on Openboard) share Openboard's issue.

Florisboard doesn't cause cursor jumps, but ignores the first alphabetical character typed after - or >.

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