CSS modifications

This is my acutall joplin-look. I only used the debugging-tool

As you can see this is not finished, so the questions thar rised during configuration:

  • How to make the viewer pane also black
  • how to make all the litle lines in-between black (they are all div, but if I make div black, everything goes lack ^^)
  • how to make the little part in front of the checkbox black?
  • any idea how to beautify the search and the title-bar?

Thanks for your help (and when I'm finished I will provide my css file of course :wink:

Edit: I was able to show how I want it to look like with de debugging tool:


I’m looking too for a way to make tile lines black. How did you make disappear the search border lines, instead?

It would be very nice if you could share your userstyle.css and userchrome.css files, @nr458h

I used this settings for the input (search and title):

input {
	border-radius: 25px !important;
	outline: none;
	background-color: #263238 !important;
	border: none !important;

Of course - I’m going to - but this is not very solid at the moment and not commented - so in my opinion very useless. And solving the tile lines and the task problem has also a impact on the styling.

Propaply @tessus has an idea of how to solve this problems:

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Thank you very much!
Another little question: How did you change the whole background color?

thats why I want to provide a commented and full css.

But to answer the question: this are different div classes (div.sidebar, div.header, div.xxxx) I'm not on my computer right now. If you can wait some hours otherwise you need to look up the classes with the debugging console :wink:

@moderators: after I provided the css probably we can remove this comments?

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I’m really bad with css. It took me a very long time just to write the few lines of css which I use now.

Just let me know which ones I shall delete, when you are ready to get rid of the comments.

Than we need to ask @laurent