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I have switched from v2.14.22 to 3.0.12 yesterday. And not a surprise, my simple valuable CSS file (userchrome.css) went bust. I have been using it to condense the number of lines in the noteslist and sidebar. This ain't a problem with Joplin or a bug, of course, but I would still like to have it back. Is anybody knowledgeable enough to see where it went wrong (what v3 no longer supports ...) ?
My userchrome.css is (or should I say was) this :

  • For styling the entire Joplin app (except the rendered Markdown, which is defined in userstyle.css) */

div.list-item-container {
height: 22px !important;

div.list-item-container > a {
font-size: 14px !important;

div.todo-list-item > div {
height: auto !important;

div.note-list-item {
height: 22px !important;

div.title > span {
font-size: 14px;

div.sidebar {
background-color: #000099 !important;

What I get using it : missing lines in the noteslist, and scrolling doesn't help.
What I get not using it : a lot of screen-space wasted.
Thanks !!!

Have you seen Dead area at the bottom of notebook list when trying to condense spacing using CSS?


The sidebar fixes linked above work since Joplin statically loads all notebook list items.

However, Joplin dynamically loads a subset of note list items based on default item height. Enlarging the subset or statically loading all items would prevent dead space when using shorter item heights.

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No I didn't see it, adding it to the top of the userchrome file solves the problem. Is there any way to know whether this is just a temporary fix ?
Sorry for my ignorance in the matter :wink: